No White Crosses

by Dour

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released June 1, 2016


tags: punk Boston


all rights reserved


Dour Boston, Massachusetts

B - bass, upright bass, vocals

Mike - drums

Morgan - guitar, vocals


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Track Name: Yesterday Never Comes
Romantics lie: no rustic bliss, no golden age outside their charmed circle
So douse the fires of industry — give us stale bread and superstition, give us the courage to bury our childish dreams
Let us rejoice as idiots do: let us be sparse, unheard, then gone
Track Name: Silence Is Crippling
Words twice ground, choked, swallowed down, gnaw against the bindings.
A spine to snap unleashing letters pregnant with intention, roots obscured, interpretations weighted by their wanting.
Confusion reigns masquerading (as) certainty unquestioned.
Swallow and drown.
Track Name: Childhood's End
Postwar tantrums rage as gilded cradles creak
Lock your playrooms tight and push your litters out into a dying world
New generations blink under a blank and pitiless sun, while you count your precious tears and cry yourself hoarse every night

Let your sons, your daughters, sweep up your broken toys — they were never children because you've been one all your life
Cry, and watch your tears drown the world
Track Name: For The Fallen / No White Crosses
Porch flags fly
Napalm pours from the screen
White men snarl
The camps overflow
We are at war: we have always been at war

No civilians
No neutral observers
No treaties hold
No rules of engagement
We are at war: we have always been at war

No white lies
No white sheets
No white flag
No white crosses for the fallen